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The traditional Thai yoga massage is one of the oldest, traditional healing arts in the world. Its roots lie in India in Ayurvedic medicine. Elements of Chinese medicine have also been integrated throughout the centuries.

The Thai yoga massage is a combination of dynamic movements, acupressure, stretching, passive yoga, energy work and meditation. The deep pressure, conscious breathing and the activation of the energy lines bring back mobility into the joints.

Thai Massage is an ancient form of bodywork, to balance the energetic system in our body. It enhances your body’s well-being and releases stress in your body and mind. Learning how to give and to receive, how to touch, to breathe, to feel.

It is important to create awareness and a “living space” in which health is the normal state and your mind, body and soul can unfold their full potential. To have a comprehensive perception (or: to perceive comprehensive) and thereby support healing on all levels.It is my aim to bring warmth in the community and into the life of all beings.

Thai Yoga massage is about…

Learning to give with compassion.
Acknowledging the beauty of the soul, unifying all and moving and dancing.
It is about learning to give from the heart with compassion.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai-Yoga Massage is a combination of stretching and acupressure of the whole body. Muscle tension and blockages in your joints are dissolved. The massage follows your body’s energy lines and increases your flexibility. Compared to traditional Thai massage, this special kind of massage includes some yoga stretching. With gently guided grasps the recipient falls in a deep physical/mental relaxation – a feeling of weightlessness. A particular attention is paid to the breathing during the massage. The movement goes with the breathing of the recipient and the masseur.

The body is moved in loving attentiveness. The bodies own healing processes are set in motion. Through this massage, we search for the origin of the problem, which is not a physical but a rather emotional one. It is essentially an ancient Eastern healing technique used as a tool to unblock energy stagnation and to awaken our inner therapist.

Dynamic movement, empathetic and intensive techniques characterize this sacred dance that takes place on a Futon on the floor.
The cooperation of quiet and smooth movements creates a deep relaxation at all levels.

The massage is tailored individually, thus the Thai yoga massage is suitable for everyone. My style is meditative and creates a state of deep relaxation within you.

60 min: 70 € / 90 min: 100 €

Holistic Bodywork – with Katrin

This treatment is a combination of energy and structure work, of Thai Yoga massage, Osteopathy, Cranio sacral therapy and some aspects of trauma work.

The session includes an analyses from gestures, body posture and speach.

It is my aim to perceive the insight and out-sight of people as complete as possible. There is no separation of the physical and energetic body.

120 min: 130 €

Head massage and facial treatment

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For the Thai scalp and head massage, we work on acupressure points to release headache, facial tension, jaw tension, insomnia, ear and teeth pain etc. This treatment is very relaxing and affects the whole body.

This includes a facial treatment with cleaning water, sea salt oil peeling and a mask suitable to your skin type.

45 min: 55 €

Belly massage

Due to different conditions, humans develop energy blockages in the organs. These blockages develop as a result of negative emotions like anger, depression, anxiety, or worry etc. This causes tensions and prevents the natural flow of Chi – our life energy force. Also external factors as drugs, stress, weather, bad diet and poor movement, are memorized in our organs. Often lower back pains are associated with tensions and obscurations in the abdomen area.

This treatment can be used as detoxifying and energizing, as well as for deep emotional release.

45 min: 55 €

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Chinese healing massage. The Taoist sages observed that our body transmits energy blockages in forms of knots and tangles in our organs, thereby restricting the flow of Chi, our essential life energy.

Negative emotions such as, anger, sadness, fear, depression, anxiety and worry are the main reason for disease. Our organs absorb and store our feelings and accumulate physical and mental traumata, which trigger the accumulation of toxins, behavioral changes reverting to bad diet, use of drugs, overwork, stress and bad posture. Chi Nei Tsang is good against constipation, emotional release and detox.

In this message we use specific detoxifying herbal oils, which stimulate the blood circulation and are hightly beneficial for the skin.

70 min:  80 €


Foot and legs, head and shoulders

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Before or at the beginning of the treatment we match the right setting. This relatively open form of a combination massage is particularly well suited to people who want to work on a specific topic, because we can tailor something with in the needs of the receiver.

40 min: 50 €

Lomi Lomi Massage

The Lomi Lomi  is a relaxing hawaiian massage, which supports harmonizing physical and energetic processes. “Lomi” means « press, knead, rub, scrub ». Wavelike scrubbing flow all over the body leads the recipient in a feeling of security.

Stretching and mobilizations of various body joints are also part of the treatment.

The Lomi Lomi opens the senses and allows the experience of letting go. The massage treatment is done with warm, fragrant, natural oils.

60 min: 70 € / 90 min: € 100

Herbal Ball compression treatment

In this treatment we use a self-made, rich blend of special and medical herbs assorted carefully into a herbal ball. The herbs, applied with steam, scrub and nourish the skin. The hot compress releases inflammation, muscle and joint pain. The particular blend of herbs have a therapeutic effect on the bones, the urinary system and the muscles. The treatment is used as an muscular relaxant, acts as an inflammatory, and improves the blood circulation and flexibility. The herbal ball contains a rich blend of herbs.

Benefits of the herbal ball:

  • Releases stomach pain and gas

  • Releases muscle and joint pain

  • Prevents body pain

  • Prevents the development of skin allergies

  • Improves the complexion of the skin

  • Softens the tissue

  • Counters swellings as well as its symptoms

    In addition, the compressing motion and the smell of the herbs have a deeply relaxing effect.

    60 min:  70 €

                                                                         90 min mit heiße Ölmassage: 90€



Footreflexology originates from ancient China. This treatment is beneficial for persons

suffering both a range of physical and psychological concerns.

Reflexology prevents and heals many ills, such as:

constipation, tension, headache, asthma, migraine and sinusitis. The foot embodies a reflection

of our entire body, all the organs and sensory nerves are mainly at the plantar of the foot. The foot massage improves the lymph and blood circulation in the body.

It stimulates and activates the internal organs.

Foot reflexology reduces stress and releases the tension level for the rest of the body.

It assists the body in finding its own equilibrium through deep relaxation.

For this massage we use our hands, a wooden stick and special herbal oils.

It is a mixture of foot acupressure and gentle strokes.

60 min:  70 €

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Originating from the Osteopathy, Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy is a powerful tool to listen to our body with all awareness and is guided through the therapists, extremely gentle touch.

Humans consits of historical information (experiences our cells store). Which are memorised in our body. In Cranio Sacral Therapy we work as facilitators, where the focus is put in connecting with the innate body-intelligence.

It is a communication between the facilitator and the receiver, through listening.

Through connecting with the body and listening to its messages carefully, we become aware of the rhythm, the fluid flows and the pulses, which give information about the receivers physical and mental state. We observe the cranial sacral system and its connection to the rest of the body. Becoming aware of the motion, pulses and sounds of the spine, fascia, sacrum, meninges and diaphragms. Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy facilitates the release of trauma, chronic and acute situation and conditioning. In the biodynamic cranial field, we understand health as a state of balance. It is an awakening towards the mystery of body intelligence, human potential and the essence of being human.

90 min: 100 €


What is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic hygienics in humanity, deriving from a region in the Himalayas. Its strengths lie primarily in illness prevention. The basis is an appropriate diet and a balanced lifestyle.

“Being healthy” in Ayurveda means being at a point of inner equilibrium. Diseases are caused by the imbalance of physical and mental powers. The focus is on the maintenance and improvement of health, well-being and life energy and an extension of the life and health range.

One speaks of three different life energies, called doshas:

  1. Vata (wind, air and ether)- the principle of movement.
  2. Pitta (fire and water)- the fire or metabolic principle.
  3. Kapha (earth and water)- the structural principle

Ayurvedic medicine these principles are found in every organism. In a healthy organism, these “energies” should be in a harmonious balance. Generally every individual has one or two dominant doshas, rarely are all three equally strong.

Nutritional and health advice:

Each person is unique on a physical and psychological level. On the basis of an Ayurvedic mental state and health analysis, I advise patients regarding nutritional optimisation and possible lifestyle adjustments. To maintain and improve the health and well-being, we create several individual recommendations. The personally tailored concepts of Ayurveda are the basis of a long-term physical, mental and energy balance.

Contents of the nutritional and health consultation:

  • Individual recommendation of appropriate foods, spices, oils and crystals.
  • Advice as to which yoga exercises, meditations and mantras will lead to a balance of your being.
  • Concrete tips for a transformation in your personal daily rhythm.

Symptoms of an imbalance in the doshas:

  • Lack of energy
  • fatigue / insomnia
  • anger / sadness
  • weight problems
  • nervousness
  • restlessness and indigestion …

Before a massage I would first recommend a consultation of your body type.

In case of serious illnesses, please contact your doctor.

60 min: 50 €


… The gift coupons are individual arranged to time and price.

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