About Me

Born in Luxembourg the 16th of December 1985. After having finished my studies I decided to follow my passion in yoga and massage. Along with the massage I practice and teach yoga. I first came in touch with Thai Yoga Massage during my traveling in Thailand since 2008.

In the year 2011 I did my first massage course with Till Heeg and other wonderful teachers.

2013 I did my second course in north of Thailand at the Sunshine Network Centre (Lahu village), with the teacher Andrea Baglioni and other teachers from all around the world. In Lahu village, Asokananda is the most important source of knowledge. He is the most important guide and inspiration for Thai Massage and the Vipassana meditation development. He is the leading Western teacher of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. Asokananda researched and taught Thai massage, yoga and Vipassana meditation for more than 15 years.

The path of massage always continues, I explore in many different fields including meditation, nutrition, yoga… I try to integrate this knowledge with the combination of traditional Thai Yoga massage and bring it into my own practice.

The background of yoga has given me an integral perception of the human body, mind and soul.



At the age of sixteen, I have experienced Yoga and Meditation for the first time. Through various trainings and continuous self-study, I have discovered the philosophy of Raja Yoga, movement, meditation and the love and kindness of massage practice. My main inspiration is my teacher Cornelius Woelke, who teaches a mixture of Hatha-, Ashtanga-, Iyengar-, Kundalini-, Shivananda- and Vini- Yoga. I have completed my Yoga teacher training, with Randal O’Leary, who has another strong influence on my Yoga practice.




I encourage people to find their own way of yoga through curiosity and joy. My teaching combines a transformative experience of the breath with the physical exploration of the body through the diverse world of asanas. We will journey through challenging asanas but also dwell in relaxing poses by an efficient use of strength and flexibility. Every asana follows the natural flow of your breath. The practice of breathing cycles, poses of deep relaxation and meditation also play an important role in every class.

… All of this will be taught with mindfulness and a sense of humour.




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